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Sets, Reps, Supersets… What does it mean?

Sometimes in fitness, we use a language and forget that everyone doesn’t already know what we’re talking about. Most strength workouts are written with a shorthand that gives you the instructions of what you’re supposed to do.

Understanding Sets and Reps

Sets and reps are the building blocks of any strength training program. They define the number of times you’ll perform a specific exercise and how many repetitions (reps) you’ll complete in each set. These two variables determine the overall intensity and volume of your workout.

Sets: A set refers to a group of repetitions. For example, if you’re performing three sets of 10 push-ups, you’ll do ten push-ups, rest (usually for 1-2 minutes), and then repeat this process two more times.

Reps: Repetitions are the individual movements within each set. In our earlier example, each push-up you perform is a single repetition. The number of reps you do in each set can vary based on your goals. In general, less reps with more weight is for strength, and more reps with less weight is better for building muscle (yes, building strength and building muscle are different!).

Supersets: Maximizing Efficiency

Supersets are a great way to enhance your strength training routine by pairing two exercises back-to-back with minimal rest in between. This approach can save time and increase the intensity of your workout.

For example, you might perform a superset that combines overhead presses and bent-over rows. After completing your reps for overhead presses, you’d immediately switch to bent-over rows. In our programming at Power Plant Gym, we often use tri-sets, where we make a small circuit of three movements.

Circuit Training: Keeping It Dynamic

Circuit training takes the concept of supersets one step further by incorporating a series of exercises performed consecutively. Each exercise in the circuit works different muscle groups, promoting both strength and cardiovascular fitness. Once you’ve completed all the exercises in the circuit, you can rest and repeat the circuit one or more times.

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