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upLIFT: Trauma Informed Barbell

The concept behind trauma informed barbell training is pretty simple: it just means approaching lifting barbells in a way that is sensitive to the fact

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Nutrition for Competition Day

With some of our PPG crew heading to compete at RPS’s Christmas Carnage powerlifting meet, I figured it was a good time to highlight meet

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Will time off kill your gainz?

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, and Thanksgiving is already here. As we enter the holiday (and also cold) season, a lot of folks

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Get Out and Walk

In fitness, sometimes there is so much focus on high-intensity workouts and weightlifting that the simple act of walking is overlooked. A regular walking routine

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After Workout Snack Ideas

After you’ve crushed your workout, your body deserves some love in the form of delicious and nourishing snacks. We’re all about fueling up and getting

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Strength Style Guide from PPG

In the world of heavy lifting, what you wear isn’t just a fashion choice – it can make or break your performance. Whether you’re into

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Strength is for everyone!

A couple weeks ago, we posted about how to decide if you’re ready for competition. Maybe you read that and thought to yourself, “Nice try,

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Highland Games

A few weeks ago, I competed in my first Highland Games, and a lot of folks have had questions about it! The origins of Highland

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