Power Plant is the best place learn or perfect your strongman training! We’re the only Delco gym that offers programming, group training, and hands-on coaching specifically for strongman. We work with brand new beginners as well as national-level and pro-level competitors. Join the fastest growing (and most fun) sport with us today!


Hands-On Coaching

Learn what works! Strongman includes TONS of different events, and our experienced coaches will guide you in learning every single one while maximizing strength, tailoring to your needs, and prioritizing safety.

Programs That Work

Progress Guaranteed! Our programs successfully introduce new people to the sport and put experienced competitors on the podium at local, national, and professional-level events. No matter where you’re starting or where you want to go, we can help!

Team Support

Train with people who want to be there and want to see you succeed! The strongman team trains together every Saturday morning with classic lifts, lots of laughs, and loads of support. All levels welcome!

Experienced Coaches

Grow with the best! PPG’s owner has been competing in and coaching strongman for nearly a decade. Our strongman staff includes coaches who have competed at national and international levels and are committed to sharing their experience and love of the sport.

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