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upLIFT: Trauma Informed Barbell

upLIFT is a six-week barbell based strength training program for trauma survivors. Over the course of six weeks, you’ll be introduced to classic barbell exercises: deadlift, overhead press, barbell squats, and more. We will work on increasing body awareness, and you’ll learn strategies for moving your body depending upon your mood. This is an inclusive and trauma informed program.


Empowerment & Embodiment

Hi, I’m Jess, and upLIFT is the barbell program I wish I’d had earlier in my strength journey. I identify as fat and I am a survivor of childhood trauma. Barbell training has been profoundly impactful in my recovery, and has helped me to be more connected with my body. Trauma informed strength training can help to improve your sense of body safety, body awareness, and is just downright empowering as hell.

Get Mindful in a Small Group

We’ll spend six weeks working on some mindfulness, getting more aware of our bodies, and building some awareness around how to use movement to manage hyperarousal and hypoarousal. upLIFT is capped at six members.

We will not be specifically talking about trauma or sharing trauma stories. The main focus is on the here-and-now: lifting and being aware of your body.

Build Skills and Get Comfortable with a Barbell

Each week we will focus on skill-building around one main lift. We’ll warmup, work through some body awareness, discuss the lift, and then practice the lift for the week, plus potentially some variations, paying special attention to how the different variations feel in our bodies. This is ideal for people who are newer to barbell lifting, and you’ll increase your comfort with barbell style lifting.

Ideal for New Lifters

You are NOT too inexperienced of a lifter to join this program. It is for people with less experience.

You don’t need special lifting equipment to begin. If you have special lifting shoes, wraps, or belts, you absolutely can bring them along and use them as you see fit, but if you don’t have that stuff, a pair of minimalist style sneakers or cross-trainers is enough to get started. Just wear clothes that will be comfortable to lift in.

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