THE Power Plant Gym STORY

Katie Feeley - OWNER

Power Plant Gym was born out of a need for a strength training space that is equal parts approachable, competitive, and fun. We believe that everyone deserves to feel strong and happy, and that the gym should be a place you WANT to go, not out of obligation, but because you truly enjoy it. After spending years in gyms obsessed with being “hard core,” PPG Founder Katie Feeley and her husband Brian set out to create a new kind of gym. One that was welcoming enough for beginners, tough enough for competitors, and offered an effective path for people who wanted to travel between the two.

So we scrapped the “no pain no gain” mentality, tossed out the scales, bought a whole pile of equipment, and invited people to join in our experiment. It turns out, other people were into it too! In 2015 we opened our brick and mortar facility. We offered personal training and group classes with a focus on moving well, getting stronger, and having fun. And it was working! Our community was growing, gaining strength, and enjoying their time at the gym. But we knew we could help more and do even better. As our next experiment, we started offering semi-private training in 2019. This melded the best that all our programs had to offer: the hands-on attention of personal training, a program that works, and the enjoyment and accountability that comes from training with others. Thus the LIFT program was born! It has since become our flagship program, and continues to provide exceptional results for brand new beginners and competitors alike. Currently we offer semi-private training, 1-on-1 training, programming both online and in person, as well as nutrition coaching. Our members range in age from 10 to 60+. Some compete in powerlifting and strongman, and lots don’t. We have casual fitness enthusiasts, national-level strongman athletes (and one pro!), people who have never touched a bar before, Katie’s mom (yay!), and people who are just looking for a new way to feel good. And we all train together as one big weird PPG family. We also like to hang out, eat food, share pictures of our fur friends, go to sporting events, debate podcasts, and watch a lot of Netflix. If you’re looking for somewhere to learn, have fun, get strong, feel good, and meet some pretty cool people… you are in the right place. We invite you to be part of our quirky gym family, and we’re stoked to meet you!

OUR coaches

Aaron (he/him)


Fast Facts: - Was a wrestler and started lifting in high school. (He loves talking about wrestling, just ask.) - Started CrossFit in 2011, earned his CF-Level 1 cert in 2012, and has been coaching ever since. - Loves to learn! Aaron has since completed courses and certifications in personal training (NSCA), kettlebell training (StrongFirst), weightlifting (USAW), and nutrition (Precision Nutrition).

He’s always reading and listening and devouring new information that he can use for his clients and in his own training. – Has a cane corso “puppy” named Rhea who thinks he’s just the most amazing thing on the planet and sometimes visits the gym… with Aaron’s wife, Manda, in tow 😉 Super Powers: – Creativity and adaptability – Ability to make super complicated things really simple, approachable, and fun – Can talk to literally anyone and makes people feel comfortable – Always game to try something new (and not afraid to look silly doing it) At PPG You’ll Find Aaron: – Coaching LIFT sessions – Running our Nutrition program – Working with 1-on-1 clients – Puttering around the gym because he’s incapable of sitting still.

Zach (he/him)


Fast Facts: - Joined Power Plant as a member in 2019 and was hanging out here so much we gave him a job (also because he's a great coach) - Has trained and competed in Judo, Muay Thai (pro), Boxing (amateur), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (amateur), and MMA (pro); and is quickly working his way through the ranks in strongman - Coached and cornered athletes in combat sports, and designed and ran strength and conditioning programs as part of athletes' training camps.

– Known to bust out serious deep cuts of movie and TV references, has epic 80s hype music playlist, aspires to be a stay-at-home cat dad Super Powers: – Keeps training fun – Teaches without making people feel intimidated or overwhelmed – Breaks down movement into simple cues – Draws on a broad range of competitive athletic experience to coach at any level At PPG You’ll Find Zach: – Coaching LIFT sessions – Running back office operations – Lifting heavy things (especially logs) – Attempting to teach Katie kickboxing.

Katie (she/her)


Fast Facts: - Played (and coached) softball through college, spent about 10 years rock climbing, loves to dabble in all kinds of sports (like golf and Muay Thai), currently competes in strongman and occasionally powerlifting - Has been working in the fitness industry since 2005, started coaching in 2011, and launched personal training business in 2013 - Board Member for Body Positive Fitness Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to educating fitness professionals in making their practices more inclusive and approachable.

– Completed certifications and courses in personal training (ACE), golf (Titleist Performance Institute), CrossFit, orthopedic exercise/”return to play” (ACE), weightlifting (USAW), and TRX – Seems extroverted but actually likes to spend lots of quiet time reading books, snuggling her cat, and sipping bourbon Super Powers: – Unflagging positivity, empathy, and intuition – Makes strength sports approachable, accessible, and fun – An eye for movement and carryover between sports – No-nonsense technical coaching with cues for everyone (she’s needs a lot of cues, so her “library” is both deep and broad) At PPG You’ll Find Katie: – Coaching LIFT and 1-on-1 sessions – Puttering around the office – Running Strongman Saturdays and competitions – Coaching college teams and teaching PE class – Laughing loudly and trying her best to make #gainz

Tiffany (she/her)


Fast Facts: - Played field hockey in high school and has been lifting since 2015; started at Power Plant as a member in 2017 - Spends her full-time days as a teachers assistant at a primary school, an is a kickass mom - Loves tie-dye, crafts, Lizzo, cats, and being a loveable hippy Super Powers: - Empathy, kindness, and an intuitive awareness of of what people need - Creativity (all the awesome signs and fun things around the gym that make it feel like home are Tiffany's work!).

– Being a true “helper” in every sense of the word At PPG You’ll Find Tiffany: – Keeping the gym organized and looking spiffy – Creating all the things that make PPG feel like home – Organizing community events and helping Katie run the back office – Giving out hugs and high-fives.

Brian (he/him)


Fast Facts: - Grew up skateboarding and playing hockey, practiced Aikido for 15 years (including as an instructor), and spent 10+ years rock climbing - Currently competes in strongman, and has also competed in weightlifting and CrossFit - Is a web developer by day (with a background in graphic and web design) - Has been coaching lifting since 2012 with a specialization in weightlifting and powerlifting - In a prior life Brian was a DJ and played guitar and bass, and he loves talking music.

He’s a huge fan of food from Central and South America (and really anywhere) and likes collecting (and drinking) bourbon.
Super Powers: – Super technically proficient with a great eye for cuing details – Depth and breadth of all things lifting and strength sports – Adept at keeping things classy At PPG You’ll Find Brian: – Coaching strongman and LIFT – Being the backbone of the gym – Generally causing a ruckus.

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