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All About Programming

If you’ve ever walked into a gym or a competition, I guarantee you have seen this person:

  • No warm-up or prep
  • No discernable plan or flow to workout
  • Incorrect (potentially dangerous) form
  • General confusion

Maybe you’ve even been this person? (I have. Oops!) But I have great news for you… You don’t have to be this person! Now more than ever it’s possible to find excellent guidance for your workouts. In the fitness industry, we call this “programming.” And at PPG we’ve got your programming needs covered!

We offer 2 programming options at Power Plant: Group and Personalized.

Both Options Include:

  • Program written by PPG coaches and delivered weekly in TrueCoach, an interactive coaching app available on both Android and iPhone
  • Weekly feedback from a real human coach who will watch your videos and answer your questions – no bots here!
  • Video demos for all movements in the program – you’ll never find yourself wondering what something “means” or what it should look like
  • Sets, reps, and instructions for all movements
  • Ability to upload your lifting videos for technique review
  • Open communication with a real human coach throughout the program
  • 50% discount on Strongman Saturday sessions at Power Plant Gym

Group Programming is a cross between a template and a custom program. It focuses on a specific goal or competition, but it is not written specifically for an individual lifter. We offer group programming for general strength training (no competition), powerlifting competition (back squat/bench press/deadlift), specific strongman competitions (like Beer Muscles and Strongman Corporation Regionals/Nationals), general strongman-style training, and overall fitness/aesthetics. It might seem a little overwhelming, but we’ll help you choose the right program for you that meets you exactly where you are and gets you exactly where you want to go!

Group Programs are typically 3-4 days per week of scheduled lifting. They require access to a barbell, dumbbells, and a squat/press rack. Bonus points if you have bands and a couple kettlebells, but we can always find substitutions if you don’t. If you’re following a strongman program, the 4th day will be an “event” day, so you will need access to some strongman equipment. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but you do need it. A number of people on our programs choose to train at a “regular” gym during the week and hit up a strongman-equipped gym on the weekend.

Personalized Programming is written specifically for you – your goals, equipment, strengths/weaknesses, movement history, schedule… whatever you need! We can write a program for literally anything, but we’re best at strongman, powerlifting, general strength training, and functional fitness.

Personalized Programming is best for people who have limited equipment, a challenging schedule, or need extra attention on their lifts. Extra attention could be for any number of reasons, including: high-level competition, an event or sport that isn’t served by a group program, history of significant injury or surgery, or simply wanting a more personalized and hands-on approach to training.


Q: Can I do a strongman program at a “regular” gym or home gym?

A: YES! Our strongman programs are written to be done at a “normal” gym during the week, with event training mostly on the weekends. This allows more flexibility in lifting, and we know it’s often more realistic to travel to a strongman-equipped gym for a single weekend session. It’s super helpful to have an axle bar available (they’re inexpensive compared to most other bars), but it’s by no means mandatory.

You can also check out our “Train Strongman Anywhere” series for more info about training strongman at a non-strongman gym. Click here for Part 1: Considerations for Strongman Training.

Q: I’m new to lifting. Can I still do one of your programs?

A: Yup! We have programs appropriate for every level. If you have a history of significant injury/surgery or other limitations, we recommend starting with a Personalized Program. If possible, we also highly recommend getting in for a 1-on-1 session in person before starting remote programming. It’s super helpful to lay a foundation with a coach in person. We know this is location-specific, and we successfully train people all over the country. So it’s not mandatory, but it’s helpful if you’re within driving distance.

Q: Do I need to be a competitive athlete to benefit from or use the program?

A: Nope! All kinds of people use our programs. Some compete locally, some compete internationally, and lots don’t compete at all. Every time we run a group strongman program for a competition, we have people who make the podium and we have people who don’t even compete. And guess what… Everyone still gets stronger and sees results!

Ready to get started, or have more questions? Let’s chat! You can click the “Free Intro” button to set up a free coaching call or in-person meeting with a PPG coach. Or just shoot an email to [email protected] with “Programming Questions” as the subject line. We’ll talk about your goals and your personal situation, and we’ll make a plan together. No bots, no guesswork, no nonsense. Just real coaching, just for you!


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