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Nutrition for Competition Day

With some of our PPG crew heading to compete at RPS’s Christmas Carnage powerlifting meet, I figured it was a good time to highlight meet day nutrition. Competing in powerlifting and strongman events demands peak physical performance, and it’s easy to forget about having a plan for meet day nutrition. Proper fueling can be the difference between hitting a personal record or falling short of your goals. You don’t want to hit the platform feeling lightheaded from undereating, or bloated or nauseous from overeating or eating the wrong foods! Sometimes meet day nerves can blunt your hunger signals, and it’s easy to find yourself undereating. It usually works well to eat smaller quantities at more frequent intervals throughout the day.

The Golden Rule: Stick to What You Know

Meet day is not the time to experiment with new foods or supplements. I don’t care what free samples they hand you on meet day, or what your buddy brings to comp day. Do not try anything new! Stick to the tried-and-true staples that your body is accustomed to and that you know you’ll tolerate well. Introducing unfamiliar elements into your diet on the day of competition could lead to digestive discomfort (read: the shits) or unwanted surprises (again…the shits). Consistency is key, so rely on the foods and supplements that have fueled your training successes.

Prioritize Easy-to-Digest Carbs:

Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy, making them a cornerstone of meet day nutrition. Opt for easily digestible sources of carbs to provide a quick and efficient energy boost without taxing your digestive system. Some excellent choices include white rice, bananas, and energy gels. Again, lest I have not said it clearly enough already, nothing new on comp day: use the stuff that you were eating on your heavy training days!

The Sweet Secret Weapon: Gummy Candy

Gummy candy can be a valuable asset in your meet day nutrition toolkit. Gummy bears, Swedish fish, or Sour Patch Kids (Coach Zach’s fave) are not only delicious but also packed with simple sugars that provide a rapid energy boost. Their easily digestible nature makes them an ideal choice for a quick energy pick-me-up between lifts. Just be mindful of the quantity to avoid an energy crash later on. I usually bring a big bag to share. A family size package of gummy bears at a strongman show or powerlifting meet is a surefire way to make some new friends.

Need more help?

While this blog provides general guidelines, individualized advice can make a world of difference. Our experienced coaches are here to offer personalized support in preparing for your meet. Consider scheduling a free no-sweat intro with one of our coaches to discuss your specific needs, receive tailored guidance, and ensure you’re on the right track for success. We offer nutrition support and you can even schedule a brief check-in with one of our nutrition coaches if you need a more detailed plan for what to eat on comp day.

Meet day nutrition is a critical aspect of powerlifting and strongman competition preparation. By prioritizing familiar foods, and opting for easily digestible carbs you can enhance your energy levels and overall performance. Make sure you’re eating and hydrating enough! Remember, preparation is key, and our coaches are here to provide the support you need. Schedule a free no-sweat intro today and take the next step toward reaching your full potential on the platform.

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