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Gains Without Pain?

Most of us have heard the “No pain, no gain” mantra before, to the point that it has become a bit of a joke. I talk to a lot of people who still believe that your training has to hurt to be effective. I know in the past, I thought that more was more, and that belief led to overtraining & injury. At Power Plant Gym, we encourage prioritizing health over extremes as the foundation for sustainable fitness. Most of us are here lifting to improve our lives, and pushing through pain to the point of injury doesn’t improve your life!

Unhealthy Approach and Injury Risk

The “No Pain, No Gain” mentality often leads folks to push their bodies past the limit, disregarding warning signs of potential harm. This approach can result in injuries that may hinder progress and even lead to long-term consequences. Understanding the difference between pushing boundaries and causing harm is important to developing a movement routine that you’ll be able to stick with for a long time.

Is it pain or discomfort?

Feeling uncomfortable during a workout is normal and even necessary for growth. Especially in strongman training, there are so many things that come down to how long that you can stick with feeling uncomfortable. However, there’s a difference between discomfort and pain. While discomfort is a sign of challenging your body, pain can indicate potential injury. Listening to your body and understanding its signals is key to avoiding unnecessary harm. It can be more difficult than you might expect to differentiate between pain and discomfort, especially if you’re newer to lifting. If you’ve spent years in gyms where you were constantly told to push harder, learning to heed your body’s warnings might feel difficult, or even cause some internal struggle!

Embracing Discomfort for Growth

Challenging yourself in a controlled and mindful manner is how you will progress in strength training. The discomfort experienced during a workout signifies that your body is working hard, and that will ultimately lead to you becoming stronger. While we do not recommend pushing through pain, embracing the discomfort that comes with a challenging workout routine will help you progress. This shift in perspective allows for sustainable growth without compromising your well-being.

Talk to Your Coach

Effective communication with your coach helps both of you to better learn your body’s specific challenges. When a workout feels painful rather than uncomfortable, tell your coach. Coaches can provide alternative movements or adjust your training plan to accommodate your body’s needs. In this season of illness, I’ve adjusted a lot of people’s programs to accommodate a return to lifting after illness. We want this to be a collaborative process!

Moving away from the “No Pain, No Gain” mindset allows you to embrace a more balanced approach. Prioritizing health, understanding the difference between discomfort and pain, and maintaining open communication with your coach help you build a sustainable and fulfilling strength training routine. Remember, it’s not about pushing through the pain but about challenging yourself in a way that fosters growth without compromising your well-being.

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