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Black Friday Deals!

It’s the best time of the year for lifting… and for saving dollars! To celebrate, we’ve put together some of our best offers EVER for Black Friday!

Deals start Wednesday, November 27th and run through Monday, December 2nd, or until we run out. Each offer is strictly capped at 10 – don’t miss out!


Deals for Current and Future Members*

 ⭐️SAVE $100 on LIFT intro program! ⭐️

LIFT is our flagship semi-private strength program. In just 3 sessions per week you’ll see lasting results and have fun getting them. We added this program at the beginning of 2019 and our members have seen tremendous results (think: lean muscle and actual strength with no boring cardio)!

The LIFT intro is normally $197, but we’re offering it for just $97.

The intro includes a 75-minute jump-start session to teach you some lifting basics, set some super easy nutrition goals, and make sure your program is designed to get you the best results. It also includes 3 semi-private LIFT sessions per week for 4 weeks, and UNLIMITED Open Gym access.

That means you get 13 total semi-private sessions for the price of a SINGLE one-on-one session. That’s  🍌🍌! Which is why there are only 10 spots available.



⭐️4 FREE Personal Training Sessions – SAVE over $250 ⭐️

Get 12 sessions for the price of 8 – that’s 4 sessions COMPLETELY FREE!

Work 1-on-1 with a Power Plant Coach to get exactly what you need for incredible results. This is the perfect opportunity to learn new lifts, dial in for a competition, finally get those technique corrections squared away, or jumpstart a new commitment to strength and fitness.

The regular price for 8 sessions is $65/session. With this deal you’ll get 12 sessions for just $43/session. Are we nuts?! Yes. Which is why only 10 spots are available!



Deals for Future Members Only*

 ⭐️ONLY $9 for Your First Month of Open Gym- Save 86% ⭐️

Tired of getting hollered at for dropping weights and using chalk? Or getting weird stares when you’re busy actually lifting things? Or constantly having gym bros worry about the safety of your back when you bench with that arch? Yeah. Us too.

That’s why we have Open Gym! Come in and lift what you want, how you want… with no judgement, no weird looks, and no one asking you to please quiet down. In fact, we’ll even give you a spot, chalk up your back, and make sure the energy is up when it’s time to nail your next PR. Sounds dope, right?

Try it out for just $9 for your first month. We promise, this is the last gym you’ll ever need to join.



*The first session of all deals must be redeemed by January 31st. The paid value does not expire, but the promotional value will expire January 31st.*


🗣 You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out these stories and results from our members.💪 


Keith completely changed his body composition, added over 100 pounds to his powerlifting total (i.e. he is the strongest he’s EVER been!), and fell in love with lifting.

“I wake up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning EXCITED to lift heavy sh*t… I’m so thankful to have found a second home at Power Plant Gym, and friends that push me to be a stronger version of myself while providing amazing guidance, coaching, and support. I’m the strongest I’ve been in 20 years and injury free because the coaches there have taught me the right way to get to that point.” – Keith

Tom has lost 40 pounds (and counting) while adding over 200 pounds to his best lifts and completely changing his life.

“Without help I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I did. My new family at POWER PLANT GYM helped me more than they want to take credit for. Every time I went to the gym I wanted to quit, but something in my belly was like ‘hell nah you ain’t quitting.’ With a lot of support from both Aaron and Katie I kept with it and learned a lot during this time… Without a little push here and there when I needed, I would have failed… There is no doubt in my mind, Power Plant Gym is my new family.” – Tom

Tom’s love of LIFT is contagious – his daughter, Ashley, is on her 13th week of the program. She’s gotten stronger and, more importantly, has built so much confidence outside the gym. She was chosen by her school to speak at their Veterans’ Day event. She told Coach Aaron:

“I never would have done that if I hadn’t been lifting here and working with you.”

Patti came to us with a chronic health condition that leads to fatigue, loss of strength, and lack of balance, among other things. Thanks to the LIFT program, she’s stronger than ever, having no balance issues, and even pulled a car (!!!!) while competing in her first strongwoman competition this fall.

In the words of her doctor, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”

These are just a few stories from our LIFT members, and there are plenty more like it. LIFT is honestly our best program to date, and YOU can get these results too! And at only $97 to get started, TODAY is the best day to do it!


*The first session of all deals must be redeemed by January 31st. The paid value does not expire, but the promotional value will expire January 31st.*


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