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Friends = Fun = Results!

Mini-golf, movies, board games, LOLs… Some things are just better shared with friends! And fitness is no different.


Finding community is something we are biologically programmed to do. Increasingly, we spend more time in front of screens or inside a cubicle than we do with other humans in real life. The isolation can be very lonely.

But it’s never lonely at PPG! When you work out in a small group training environment you gain a sense of camaraderie. You quickly bond with other community members because you are working together towards similar goals and quickly find a sense of belonging.

At Power Plant we often joke that people come to the gym to hang out, and as long as they’re here they might as well lift some weights too 😜

Gym time becomes about more than just a workout. Your gym friends (and your coach) know when to give you that extra push to finish your reps or add a little weight. And they’re also the best between-set entertainment. 

Small-group training is the perfect mix of personalized attention and comfort in numbers. A coach will still take you through proper movement, watch your form, and make sure you’re safely maximizing your time in the gym. You’ll never get lost in the crowd. At the same time, no one is hyper-focused on every little thing you do, so you can relax and enjoy training.

One of the coolest things about the PPG community is its diversity. People who would *never* cross paths outside the gym end up becoming great friends. You’ll meet people of all different ages and backgrounds with varied interests and personal histories. Finding the common ground in pursuit of strength and health helps build the foundation for some really unique and long-lasting relationships.


We’ve all been there… hitting the snooze button or just too wiped out after work to hit the gym. It happens. But there’s a solution!

Small-group training provides accountability and improves consistency because it involves a commitment to yourself, your schedule, and your peers.

Because training is scheduled at a specific time and day(s) of the week, your workouts are scheduled into your calendar. You’ve dedicated that time specifically for exercise which is excellent for holding yourself accountable.

There’s also the effects of passive (healthy) peer pressure to curtail your urge to skip training. Your absence will be noticed in a group setting. The people in your class become your gym fam. Knowing that you have supportive peeps waiting for you, who look forward to you showing up, helps provide extra motivation and makes it harder to “no-show”.  

Even better: You’ll actually look forward to your sessions!


Imagine this: You’re tired, failed a set, and are feeling generally defeated. You’re ready to just pack it in and call it quits for the day.

But wait! Someone you know and trust walks over to you and gives you a simple, “You got this.” 

That’s all it takes!

When you work out with the right people you get an instant mood boost and are encouraged to be your best. Your gym fam will help you to push past self-imposed thresholds. Seeing what others are capable of doing can inspire you to do more.  

All of the cheers, shouts to “finish it!” or “do one more.” The high fives, smiles, and celebrations. These create amazing positive feedback loops. Positive vibes spread like wildfire through the group and provide a turbo boost to your already-increasing endorphins from the physical exertion. You’ll feel good in the moment, and that positivity will carry over throughout the rest of your day.


The gym should be fun! It’s about you and your progress and your happiness. Finding a supportive group of like-minded people is a HUGE help in making that commitment to yourself and your community.

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