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Superfit Hero

Exciting News!

Katie is officially a sponsored trainer with Superfit Hero! On the surface, Superfit Hero is an athletic apparel company committed to creating quality clothing for a wide range of body types. But it’s so much more than that! We are together on the front lines of the Fit 2.0 movement. Superfit Hero “believe(s) in the power of fitness to help women develop their superpowers: STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE & LEADERSHIP.” That’s literally right on their website – how cool is that?!

Superfit Hero creates high quality athletic clothing that is size-inclusive (XS-4XL), durable, and functional (pockets!). They are committed to paying fair wages and ethical labor practices. All the high performance leggings, capris and shorts are made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. T-shirts, hoodies, and tank tops are from District Clothing. Sweet!

Tell me more.

Ok! Check out their website:

You can use the code “KFStrength” to get 15% off your order.

Then tell us what you think! Use the hashtags #superfithero and #newfitspo so we can see your Superfit gear in action. Be strong, and have fun!

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