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The 6-Week Challenge Trap

Have you ever been on a diet, nutrition plan, or workout regimen that had a specific end date and thought, “I cannot wait til this is over!

And then when it is over, you fall back into doing/eating/moving the same way you were before you started. And soon after that, you’re back in the same crappy place you were in when you originally thought: “Something needs to change.” And you look for a new “challenge” that’ll definitely work this time. Rinse and repeat.

This cycle is SUPER common. We’ve been conditioned into believing that making an extreme change for a short period of time will somehow positively change our lives forever. But it never does.

The reality is that a 6-week challenge is actually only designed to impact 6 weeks of your life. If you want real, sustainable, lifelong change, you need to create real, sustainable, lifelong habits. And that doesn’t happen in 6 weeks.

What you *can* do in 6 weeks is start to lay the foundations for long-term success. Small changes with tangible results are helpful because they are repeatable on a consistent basis. And, as you know from earlier posts/emails, consistency is everything.

Here are some quick examples.

☕️ Rather than cutting out an entire food group (a la Keto or Paleo), try making one small change, like using 1 sugar in your coffee instead of 2.

🚶If you’re not currently moving around much on a daily basis, try taking a 10-min walk at lunchtime 1-2 days a week. 

💪 Or, if you already have a movement routine and want to add some weight training, try adding a single dumbbell or barbell movement to each workout.

Every time you add or subtract something small, or learn something new, or try something different you’re moving toward sustainable change. Every time. It doesn’t have to be big, or flashy, or cost a bunch of money, or take a lot of time. It just has to be consistent.

In other words, we need to rework the goal.

Instead of: “Power through this program for 6 weeks and I can take a break after.”

Try: “Make one small change today and maybe add something else next week.”

There is no “end date” or “final push.” And you shouldn’t find yourself praying for the “challenge” to be over. Life is challenging enough as it is! 

So let’s reframe the “6-week challenge” into an (admittedly boring, though much more effective) “lifelong habit transition.” Super sexy, right? Ok, maybe not. But it works!

Know what makes this non-flashy pursuit more exciting and fun? Being in a community of people who are also learning and making small changes toward realistic goals. (We happen to know a pretty good onehint*hint*wink*wink*)

We’re here to help you have fun, move your body around sometimes, and create a life that you don’t need a break from. Just shoot us a message or hit the “Free Intro” button on this page to chat with a coach. All you have to do is take the first step. We’ll be with you for the rest of them.

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