Whether you are a seasoned athlete using your own programming, a beginner just getting started, or an intermediate lifter looking to get to the next level … we have you covered.


At Power Plant Gym, we foster a community of like-minded individuals who are on a mission to become stronger and more knowledgeable, and to support each other along the way. Training is always hard, and you will always be challenged. But it should always be something you enjoy with people you enjoy.


Semi-Private Strength Training

LIFT is a strength-based program focusing on squat, bench, and deadlift with related mobility, stability, and strength movements. The sessions are super small (2-6 people) so you get all the benefits of personal training, but with a more flexible schedule and price point. It’s ideal for people who want to get stronger and maximize results.

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Group Fitness

We offer 2 varieties of Group Fitness: FIT and BURN.

FIT is a group strength and conditioning class (capped at 12 people) that focuses on functional fitness. It includes weighted and barbell movements as well as bodyweight movements. FIT members get a balanced mix of strength training and a good lung burn.

BURN is a bootcamp-style HIIT (high intensity interval training) class with bodyweight movements and light weights (like medicine balls). It’s perfect to get a good sweat and have fun in a group setting.

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Power Plant Gym has everything you need to train the “Big Three.” With 2 power racks and 8 additional squat stations you’ll never have to wait for the bros to quit curling for you to squat. We’re also fully equipped with 3 EliteFTS competition benches, 5 deadlift platforms, Rogue Westside power bars, a full range of specialty bars, bands & chains, and thousands of pounds of York and Ivanko metal plates. And if you’re new to lifting or want to tighten up your technique, we have qualified coaches with competition experience who are ready to help.


There’s something satisfying, empowering, and downright bada$$ about pulling trucks, lifting kegs overhead, and flipping giant tires. You can learn to do all that and more with our collection of strongman implements and knowledgeable coaches to make it happen. We have all kinds of speciality equipment, accessible outdoor space, and plenty of room to run events inside during the winter.

Power Plant Gym is also the proud home of Katie’s Ladies all-female strongwoman team, which has produced multiple Nationals-qualified competitors since 2013, and multiple Arnold Sports Fest International competitors. We also run Beer Muscles, one of the biggest local strongman competitions in the country (and the only one held on-site at a brewery).


Also known as “Olympic-Style” Weightlifting. We have 5 platforms – each with its own set of Pendlay kilo plates – 4 men’s and 4 women’s Eleiko bars, pulling blocks, and squat stands. This is all available ANY TIME with no crazy or limiting hours. We have multiple USAW-certified coaches who are ready to help you learn the weightlifting basics or take your lifting to next level.


Kettlebell training is both a great intro to strength training, and a practical supplement to any strength program. Power Plant’s kettlebell instructors,Aaron Schott andMike Buscaglia, are certified through StrongFirst – a leader in kettlebell training. Both are available for 1-on-1 instruction. Power Plant Gym has kettlebells available from 8lbs to 97lbs.


Anyone can be strong, and everyone’s strong is different. Maybe your life involves competitive sports. Maybe it involves chasing kids around. Maybe you’re a coach, or a dad, or an administrative assistant. A lawyer, a hairdresser, a professor. Or maybe you’re a few of these all at once. Strength comes in all shapes and sizes with all different goals. Whatever strength your life demands, Power Plant Gym will help you build it.



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